This pic makes my eyeballs burn 



Imma frame this.

this picture is everything.

bruhhh how can i get this on a shirt?  anyone have a larger version of this ?



"go the fuck away im not dealing w ur snake shit today"

… he just slapped a fucking cobra.

Okay, sorry to ruin your good fun, but I have something to say about this gif and why I’m sick of seeing it around.If this was a dog he was smacking everyone would be freaking out, calling it abuse and how cruel this guy is. What this doesn’t show is that those cobra’s fangs have been removed, they’re piled into this place, unsanitary, probably not enough food, and this guy comes in for whatever reason.Obviously, this snake is pissed, upset, hungry, overcrowded, yeah he strikes but with no teeth, no venom, this guy gets frustrated and hits the snake on the head, smacking them into the ground, a completely defenceless animal and probably caused injury.Just because something isn’t a cute kitten or puppy, doesn’t mean they are worthy of abuse, I really don’t want to see this shit anymore unless it’s calling out the abuse happening here.